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Meet Fitalew

Fitalew is a 6 year old boy from Ethiopia. (I know he's beautiful and wearing pink)

I have the pleasure of sponsoring this young man and I am only able to do this because of the money I earn through my business. I have a very successful and profitable business due to my wonderful clients who come to me time and time again and recommend me to their friends and family who in return do the same, this means that I have a constant flow of people coming through my studio door most days of the week.

Out of all the children that need sponsorship I choose Fitalew because he is six and a boy, the same age as my youngest son, I am hoping that over time as we start to get to know each other that they will become friends and be able to share their life experiences with each other.

Over the next few years if my business continues you grow and remain profitable I am hoping to be able to sponsor another child and hopefully make a difference to their lives to.

So this is a big thank you to you all, to everyone of you that comes through my door with your families allowing me to capture your special moments and keeping my business going. Thank you from me and my family and from Fitalew and his. x

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